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Nico Roos have worked in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years since moving from South Africa and have worked in the Operations, Projects, Systems, Development and Bidding sides of cleaning. He has also worked on numerous projects for clients ranging from proposals and benchmarking to mobilisation and the implementation of cleaning contracts and is a keen Lean cleaning practitioner as well as PRINCEII certified.


Data Know How

After being in the cleaning industry for many years we have never found another software planning tool as good as Data Know How’s The Cleaning System. The decision to partner with the best global workloading and cleaning software company to bring their products to UK marketplace thus came easy and The Cleaning System was born.

DATA KNOW HOW’s The Cleaning Systems offers a graphical user interface where one works with floor plans rather than lists and text data.

Established in 1987, over the years it's come to completely dominate its home markets in Scandinavia and The Cleaning System is now able to offer an English-language version of this janitorial software in Europe.

The Cleaning System®
, is grounded on the idea that the calculation, measures and distribution in the cleaning branch can be carried out quickly, safely and professionally by means of Personal computers.

The preferred tool in the cleaning industry

More than 700 users in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England and Belgium use The Cleaning System as their preferred tool when planning cleaning operations.

 In Denmark, The Cleaning System is the preferred program and standard of consultancy companies when preparing tender documents for public authorities.

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