The Cleaning System Modules are Basic, Calculation, Costing, Measuring, Planning, Quality and Reporting

Basic Module

The Basic Module contains all you need to register customers and make room plans. (Short module description/text too) With the Basic Module you may also See and Print drawings made via the Measure or Planning Module.
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Calculation Module

The Calculation Module contains all you need to maintain tasks, frequencies and timescales, and make new Area Types (calculation models) which fit your cleaning operations.
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Measuring Module

The Calculation Module contains all you need to maintain key figures and make new calculation models which fit your cleaning tasks.
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Planning Module

The Planning Module is used for the creation of work assignments and distribution of the calculated work.
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Quality Control Module

The Quality Control Module is based on the Nordic INSTA 800 Standard for evaluation of finished cleaning work.
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Costing Module

The Costing Module is used for calculations of economy based on actual wages and costs for each customer.
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Report Generator

The Cleaning System installs with a large number of ”ready-to-use” reports.
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