The Cleaning System Video Tutorials

Create a Roomlist

- Create a customer - Create a building - Create a floor - Create a space
More details on Create a Roomlist

Drawing Spaces

- Draw a space/room - How to draw arcs - How to draw circles - Zoom in and out - Subtract area
More details on Drawing Spaces

Colour Coding

- Choose another color coding - Change the colors of your color coding - Symbols
More details on Colour Coding

Import Graphic (jpeg, jpg or gif)

- Import graphic files - Drawing using graphic files - Scale graphic files - Remove graphic files
More details on Import Graphic (jpeg, jpg or gif)

Import DXF-file

- Import DXF file - Measuring spaces using the DXF file - Remove DXF file
More details on Import DXF-file


- Print sections - Section layout - Convert to PDF-file - Print space inventory list
More details on Print

Work Plans

- Create work assignment - Assign spaces/rooms to work assignment - Print visual work assignment - Detailed print of the work assignment
More details on Work Plans

On/off functions

- On/off functions - Move windows and taskbars
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- General Search - Search and edit/replace - Save search criteria
More details on Search

Edit Properties

- Primary information - Secondary information - Service profile - Miscellaneous
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Repair Your Database

- Customer database - User database
More details on Repair Your Database

Time Settings

- Time format and settings
More details on Time Settings


- Export customer - Export area type set - Export to excel - Import
More details on Export/Import