Team Cleaning Basics

Flow Cleaning Defined:

Within a building, a group of specialists are deployed in a systematic method performing specific cleaning tasks. Although there are four types of specialists, a team can be comprised of any number of people and any configuration of the specialist depending on the site and the cleaning specifications of the building.

Flow Cleaning is about Specialist

  • Light Duty Specialists  (Starter)
  • Vac Specialist  (Closer)
  • Rest Room Specialist  (Sanitor)
  • Utility Specialist  (Utility)

Four Specialists

Starter/Light Duty:

  • Pick waste / Capture dust / Clean boards / Spot / Send info to Vac Specialists

Closer/Vac Specialist:

  • Vacuum / Reposition all furniture / Check quality / Turn off lights? / Close down

Sanitor/Toilet Specialists:

  • Fill dispensers / Remove trash / Clean and sanitize fixtures, floors and waterfountains / Sweep / Vacuum and mop tile floors / Turn off lights


  • Vacuum stairwells / Clean brass, glass, blinds and carpets / Any other periodic specialty services / Highly flexible position, spec driven / Move rubbish to designated area

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